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What Do You Do When You Beat Michael Phelps’ Record at 16 Years Old?


Lynch appreciates the potential cultural impact of his swimming, along with the few other black swimmers, such as Cullen Jones, the four-time Olympic medalist and the first African-American to break a world record in swimming. “I think it would be cool to break down those barriers. Cullen Jones already got that started, but if I could help bring other minorities into the sport, that would be great,” Lynch says.

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wildsultrys0ul sent me this text this week and I’m reading it again right now as I cry. I feel weak. I feel stupid. I feel my optimism is fading away. I’m on the verge of completely giving up and giving in to numbness and allowing walls and calluses to form.
I’ve been fading away.
Slowly detaching from myself.
Being present for the people I care about not not fully there.
Hiding in plain sight.
Taking my heart off of life support.
I’m re-reading this in an effort not to.
I’m trying.
I’m honestly trying.
I thank God for her love, care, and friendship.



How you gonna reblog that post all smoove like yo ass hasn’t been incognegro for a month of Sundays.

Nukka you lucky I’m committed to this relationship otherwise I would quit yo ass!


You ain’t quitting nobody!

I didn’t igg you, remember I told you about double work, that shits only gotten worse!

Tell Brad I will fuck his shit up if he don’t chill. I ok’d you working there on the condition that it wouldn’t interfere with out texting and video chatting time. Brad knew the rules when he hired you. I will set it off in that muthafuka if he don’t get his shit together!

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